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Questions We Often Answer:

Q. What does Kids! Management do?

We are a management company that assists casting companies with booking children as background extras in movies, television shows, and commercials.

Q. Are you an agency?

No, we are a management company, not an agency. Therefore, we are not SAG signatory either.

Q. Can I be with another service like Kids! Management?

No, you cannot. While other companies may allow you to be with other services, we do not. A multitude of problems can occur such as double bookings and payroll issues that may cause YOU (the client) and our company to appear to be unprofessional to casting. This is not a risk Kids! Management is willing to take.

Q. In what locations do Kids Management clients work?

99% of our client bookings are in or around the greater Los Angeles area.

Q. Do I need experience to join Kids Management?

Not at all. We are looking for talent both with experience and those who are new to the business. All you need is energy, reliability, and lots of enthusiasm!

Q. How much will my child make on a booking?

Bookings pay a minimum of $162 for TV and feature films and $366.37 for SAG commercials.

Q. What does my child need to be a background extra?

More information can be found on our Getting Started page.

Q. How do I get my child a work permit?

Download Work Permit Application and Instructions.

Q. Do I need to set up a Coogan acccount for my child?

Coogan accounts are no longer required for background work as of January 1st, 2014.

Q. Who is eligible to sign up with Kids! Management?

Any child from two weeks through 17 years old.

Q. Can I register with Kids! Management if I am 18?

No. For clients 18 and older we recommend our sister company, Extras! Management. Visit extrasmanagement.com for additional information.

Q. How much does it cost?

There are no up-front fees required to join Kids! Management.

Q. Can I register through the mail?

No. Kids! Management will not enroll your child until you have attended our registration. If you fax or mail us your application, it will be discarded.

Q. Does Kids! Management release our information to anyone else?

No. All information that you supply is used solely by us and the casting companies that hire you.